Friday, May 13, 2005

Buster update

This car is going to suck me dry. After failing to get it to run contiually by myself I finally broke down and took, correction, towed it to a mechanic. After a week of inspections and diagnoses, the mechanic(Earl) finally gave me some estimations. 1. New oilpan. $589. I knew that going in, seeing how I really screwed it up just changing the oil. 2. New carburetor. Now, this was on my list of immediate work to be done, but I figured it wasn't that immediate. I would also like to say that my old one could have been rebuilt for about $300 but when the new one is only $470, and I wanted a new one anyway, might as well be a big spender. 3. New brakes. We aren't talking just fix some leaks or tighten a cable. All completely new brakes. That would drums, hoses, cables, even the parking, $1100(steepest cost, but it's the brakes people!) 4. Valve cover gaskets. Gear heads skip ahead. Valve covers gaskets are needed to keep you engine from leaking oil and fuel all over the ground (and you guessed it, brakes parts). $129. 5. Wheel Bearings $220.84. I love when Earl calls and says, "Jay, I'm sorry but I have to replace the front wheel bearings. They aren't safe. However, I won't charge labor for those, just parts. 6. Front Locking Hubs $97.50. Also going bad when Earl called for the 4th time. Apparently when you do brakes, it just leads to more and more problems. Earl says, "Jay, your front locking hubs are getting really bad as well. Now, for everyday driving they would be ok, but, if you're going to do some off-roading, they could break and strand you somewhere." I say, "Come on Earl, it's a 1971 Ford Bronco. Do you expect me to not off-road? Slap some new lockers on there buddy, let's do it!" So, for those of you with the patience to read all of this and do math at the same time, expected cost to start the restoration of Buster - $2600 give or take a few bucks. A lifelong dream starting in motion - priceless.