Thursday, April 14, 2005

It just makes me laugh

Looking back at the recent history in my life, I am forced to just laugh and shake my head. Some of the decision I made in the past really make me ask myself, "Jay, what in the hell were you thinking." Moments of complete and utter regret and also moments of relief and comical humor. For instance, I'm reminded of the time a couch was "stolen" out of Taylor Hall. A rational person would be regretful and apologetic, but I say, hey you know what-does it really matter that much? Is it so important that you have to turn it into that big of a deal? The answer is no. It was a practical joke. Did you get the couch back? Yes. Did we have a fun time acting all covert and slick like. Of course! For some unexplainable reason we all felt like more of a man after our devious plan was so successful. "Why did you ever date that girl? All she did was treat like crap before you dated. There was no reason to continue to like her. Why couldn't I pick up this?" Those are the moments of regret. In the moment you can't explain it just feels right. I say, "In the moment, deep down inside you know it's wrong, but you are too stubborn to make the right decision because some things feel so much better." I say, any girl who treats me badly or wrongs me in any way is out the door. Accidents happen and I can live with those. I can not live with ignorance, or bitchiness. I wish I would have made this rule a long time ago. It definitely would have saved me some troubles. I think I am going to write a book. The title you ask....."Stupid Things Women do to Piss Off Men". I can see it now, New York bestseller list, no worries about money. The comedy movie loosely based from my completely accurate and somewhat satirical book. Shoot, maybe I could even have a role in the film. All I know is I've known for a long time what upsets me, unfortunately, I am just realizing that I have to stand up for myself and call people out when they do it. I'm turning over a new leaf blah blah blah, but it starts today. Peace


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