Wednesday, March 16, 2005

HUMP day

Today was quite possibly one of the best HUMP days ever! I went to work, there was a new email from my friend Sarah. Then, get this, we proceeded to email each other all day. She ended up emailing 4 times throughout the day. And, then I saw my new basketball shoes were delivered. Granted, I'm not sure if they were made right, but they are still sweet and It's not worth my time to send them back, I wouldn't have any shoes for the upcoming basketball season. I also think I am going to have to get some new socks. This league is getting more and more expensive. Well, I think I will end it there, and Sarah, if your reading this, don't get too big of a head! Peace

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Things to do before I DIE

1. Compete in and finish the Iron Man Triathlon
2. Attend all 81 home games for the Colorado Rockies
3. A standing back flip
4. Dunk a basketball
5. Finish Buster(1971 Ford Bronco)
6. Own and raise a wolf
7. Attend all 10 home games for the Denver Broncos (pre-season included)
8. Record an Album
9. Attend all 41 home games for the Denver Nuggets
10. Attend the Big 4 All-Star games (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL)
11. Get Married
12. Make $1,000,000
13. Play Pebble Beach
14. Play Augusta
15. Write and star in a TV sitcom
16. Write and star in a movie
17. Coach a championship team (any level)
18. General manage a championship team (perferrably proffessional)
19. See U2 in concert ( I already have tickets, I just needed a confidence booster)
20. Own my own business

That's the list as of now, Im sure there will be revisions, probably some additions and deletions. You know, I would like to keep them somewhat realistic. If you can help with any of these please let me know!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Movin' on up

So, after months of hard work, my boss has asked me to become a permanent employee. That's right, I've been a temp for the last 3 months. I moving departments and yet keeping a few responsibilities from the old one. I do not believe there is a raise in salary, well is it a raise in salary if you move from hourly to salary? Anyway, I will at least get some benefits, start my retirement, get a badge with my picture on it. You know, all that cool stuff that goes with being associated with a corporation. I get a new desk that comes stock with a window. It's hard to weigh the benefits and losses with this transition, but, I think overall it will be a good thing for me.