Friday, February 11, 2005

Vacation Time

I am taking a vacation to Dallas this weekend. It's so hard to surprise people these days. It's actually like a mini-high school reunion for me. I'm going to get to see my 4 best buds from the Rebel days and quite frankly it's been too long since the last time. I would also like to come up with something original pertaining to Single Awareness Day on Monday, but I'm fresh out and at my wits end. I got some lovely news the other day about my work enviroment. Apparently, I could jeopardize my employment by using AOL, or MSN, or any kind of instant messaging for that fact. Good thing it stopped working then. I'm not complaining because I don't like my work, it's just nice to get the occassional conversation break from work. I also found that I can't check my hotmail email anymore. That is a little more frustrating because I don't see the harm except if I'm silly enough to download a virus or something. However, I'm too scared of losing my job to download anything at work. Speaking of work.......


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