Monday, February 21, 2005

Sick Days

After my cool vacation days posting, I have to put up the sad story of me getting sick, deathly sick, and missing the rest of the week. Thanks to my extra-cool boss it wasn't a problem and I actually had enough to time recover fully. The downside to all of this you ask? I am paid hourly and because of my trip and sickness, I think I only got 5 hours of work in last week. If you are doing the math, that doesn't pay the bills. If you are really doing the math you are saying, "Jay, what bills?" I'm just saying $50 for the week is a little less then average. Too bad I wasn't on salary. Of course if I was on salary I wouldn't have gotten the vacation, wouldn't have gotten sick, wouldn't have needed the paid sick days anyway. Around and around we go with all the what if's and hypotheticals. Oh well.....back to work!


At February 21, 2005 at 11:49 AM, Blogger Emily Moore said...


It is too bad that you were on your death bed and I am very sorry that I could not make it to Denver to bring the soup that not only you wanted, but desperately needed. I blame myself in part for your tragic illness...BUTTTTT I hope you have a great day and a healthy week!


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